Favicon cut off

Why is my favicon getting cut off here?

See attached- it is a perfect circle.
Thank you

It appears normally on my end. Could you send a screenshot of what you are seeing?


Its also cut off by you. Look at the right side.

Ah I see what you mean. My dark browser background might mask it a bit more than on a default white background. I had initially assumed you meant something like half the favicon was missing. Did you upload a .PNG favicon that is 32 x 32px exactly? I have found that that combination works with circular favicons.

Yes, I exported it from illustrator at 32 px x 32 px.

Try masking it in a frame which is 32x32 but the actual image inside to be like 30x30, perhaps illustrator is just exporting it funny

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Why would illustrator be exporting it funny?
I tried making it smaller and still same issue.

Could you provide a new link? It seems that your site’s name has changed and the old link no longer works.

Sorry about that. goldwatercare.com

Thank you. Oddly enough, when the website is grouped with other tabs, the favicon appears normally. But when it is by itself, it still has the weird cut off effect. I might contact Webflow technical support on this one. This could be a browser issue or bug within something that is supposed to make the favicon responsive across devices/browsers.