Favicon blurry when sharing link

When sharing link to my custom domain through, for example, Signal app, the favicon is used as the visual icon for the website but is a blurry enlarged version of the 32x32 favicon.

Anything to be done?

Apologies for another Favicon post. I’ve read through many here.

Favicon is mainly used to show a relevant icon on the browser’s tab.

The image you’re looking for is called “Webclip” and the correct size is 356px by 256px.
You can set the Webclip via the project settings > General > icons

After you upload a new image it might take some time to see it, as the previous image is still cashed.

Thanks Eli, but the image being used by Signal is the smaller favicon. I uploaded both Favicon and Webclip in different colors to make sure.

Try adding an image to the page Open Graph settings.
To do so, copy the link to an image you already have on the site:

Open the page settings and scroll to the “Open graph settings”
Paste the link into the “Open Graph Image URL” field.

Save > Publish.

This should do the trick.
Let me know if it worked.

You sir, are awesome. Thank you very much! Worked like a charm.