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Fast / super-lightweight sites built with Webflow (any examples?)

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to Webflow (I know that the code is lean) but I’ve been having a look around to see if I can any sites built with Webflow that are super lightweight (a plus 90 score in Pingdom or green PageInsights (for mobile) and not found any as yet.

Can anyone give any examples


Hi @Paul-k, I am more newbie on webflow just early this year, somehow my pingdom test is at 89 and only 90 in UK, I don’t know if that’s an ok sample to you but this is my site:

Hi @Heru_Herlambang thanks for sharing - that is pretty quick!


You’re welcome @Paul-k. I did write a detail steps on how I build my website, however it was just me trying to say that: Hei, even with Locomotive JS, Typed.JS, analystics, tagmanager, and some few other scripts, and several CMS being called on home page, webflow still can meet the so-called core-web-vitals.

It doesn’t seems to get attention though, but If you are interested, please see my post below and also my medium where I explain also about it - in my own way, since I don’t know how to code.