Faq Wrapper, last question don't push content on mobile

I’ve got an issue with my FAQ Question on mobile only.
I have some blank space below my last question FAQ Question Wrap to let the content of the FAQ Question display on click.
I’m trying to delete this unused space when the question answer is not displayed.

I don’t have the same issue on the desktok version as you can see. I tried several fixes, none worked.

What should i try next ? Thanks.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

hi @tvog I have checked site in live mode and there is no white space under Questions (before footer). If your request is related to Webflow PREVIEW mode just keep in mind that is not most accurate preview response and you should always check site in live mode (published site)

There are other issues that need attention but it is work in progress. :wink:

Hello, thanks for your answer :slight_smile:
When i preview on my iPhone 12, i can see blank space. That’s weird !

Edit: i fixed the problem :slight_smile:
Can you let me know what other problem you see ?

this is from my iPhone

in preview in post above I had to fix flex to be able to see it like that.

Seems fixed now, when i preview on my iPhone everything is fine. I’ll re-check.