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Family Sleep Consultant

Just created my first site using Webflow. Also my first fully responsive site. Just a simple one page creation, nothing too fancy.

Family Sleep Consultant

Started creating websites using Softpress Freeway back in the nineties. Moved on to Flux a few years back and started to learn HTML and CSS by trial and error and reading CSS Mastery and HTML & CSS. Built a few sites using WordPress and Headway. Helped Kickstart Macaw, but haven’t really had the opportunity to test it out yet. I have also created quite a few ecommerce sites using Bluepark, a UK company who I highly recommend.

I initially signed up for Webflow in the summer last year, but never did anything with it. Then when this project came along the client specifically asked for a responsive site that looked good on mobile, so I thought it was a good opportunity to see what Webflow could do. I am very impressed. Already knowing how web pages are structured using HTML and CSS has made using Webflow a pleasure. So quick and easy to put together a good-looking responsive site. Can’t wait to do another one.

Comments appreciated.

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Thanks for sharing! Very simple and organized!