Failure In Form Submission

I create Contact Form on my contact page and i create other seven forms. a problem is only Contact Form should be a work and other seven forms are not work. i submit the data and same error message display in other seven forms.

Thank you!
-Nensi Butani

Here is the link: electric-scooter-app-development

Hey Nensi,

I can’t tell for sure, but looking at your screenshots it looks like the reason is reCAPTCHA. I can see from your live site that the Contact form has the reCAPTCHA element, but the form in the screenshot above does not.

Here’s what it says in a Webflow project’s form settings about reCAPTCHA:

If enabled, all forms will be validated. Forms that do not contain a reCAPTCHA field will fail to submit.

If you add the reCAPTCHA element to the forms that are failing to submit, I think that will solve the issue.

Hope this helps.


Thank you Ryan, it works