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Failing Google Mobile-Friendly test

My webflow site is not passing Google’s “mobile friendly” test, even though though websites built here are supposed to mobile friendly. Google is now ranking mobile friendly sites higher in search. WTF, Webflow?

Hi @Kidd_Redd, there is a lot of factors involved with making your site mobile friendly, one of which is the responsive design.

Do you have a link to the published site url that you were measuring, so we can take a quick look? Also can you provide a link to the test you were using?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Dave Thx much for quick response!

@Kidd_Redd, I passed the test on all my main websites. One is more than 100 pages wide and two of them have a very graphical reponsive scenario.

@webflow good job on that!

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What site are you using to test? AFAIK your site pases the test

I see the site passing as well. However, the first time I checked Google wasn’t connecting to the site (hosting?) and therefore it was not showing responsive.

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Every site I have tested and was designed with Webflow has passed the test. What Webflow does for you automatically is set the view point witch is one of the factors in determining “mobile friendly”

Other factors like size and positioning of links is up to you.

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