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Fade in Animation "glitchy". What did I do?

Hello Webflow community!

I am having an issue with the mobile version of a law website I made. The fade-in animations on MOBILE ONLY appear in a glitchy and not smooth way and I can’t seem to find out what is causing it.

Here is the site:

Here is the read-only link to the site:

If someone could please notify me how to fix this glitch in the fade-in animations on mobile that would be greatly appreciated!


Tyler M.

Can you add a bit more info please.
On a mobile device or preview mobile.
Im on android edge and seems ok to me.


On the mobile device browser itself, specifically, I noticed this on IOS using both safari and google chrome. The fade animation doesn’t fade in, it flickers in, in an almost glitch like looking way.



Seems double whammy lately if you have chrome and or iOS.
Try edge or something else on your phone.
If it works then look up issues with chrome and ios to see if there is help to overcome.

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Thanks for the help!

So is it 100% the browser that is causing this issue? Could it go away once the site has a purchased domain and isn’t just a Webflow domain?


I am saying try another browser and see if you have the issue, new edge seems very compatible but you could try others.
If every one you try gives you the same issue then its not the browser.
Try windows and or phone.
I don’t think there is capability issues between webflow and purchased domains.

Yeah, the same issue is arising on my phone as well as my friends phone on multiple browsers. Happens on the fade animation across every page.

I don’t understand what would cause the whole site to have this animation error. Could you help me by looking into the read-only site to see if you can identify something I cant?

I greatly appreciate the help!


sure but I didnt notice anything.
can you video it and show me what your seeing.