Factory status selector

How to create text field or other element with 3 status levels, that editor could choose a status of either OPEN, CLOSED, or ALERT when logged into the editor? I tried a form dropdown that’s not it. Please advise idea? Thanks! Perhaps an array of some kind?

Depends on the specifics, but from your description you can just use a CMS collection with a select field or ref to a “Status” table.

Your editors will change it through the CMS item editor view.

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Thanks Michael, I have no idea how but will try to do that in collections. If you know of a resource that would help please advise.

The CMS is pretty basic to use, if you look to the top right here you’ll see the “University” link, and you can find tons of courses and tutorials in there.

Here’s a good one to start with;

Just in case it matters, what you’re describing here sounds a bit more like an application to me. The editor approach will work on a small scale, but there are a few things that will make this approach limited or incomplete;

  • if the number of people needing to change factory status grows beyond 3
  • if you need to control who can update which factory statuses
  • if the pages showing factory status need to auto-update to show current factory status, rather than be manually refreshed for updates
  • if you need to protect the site from editors making other undesirable changes to it, like changing text, images, etc.

Then you’d want to adjust your approach a bit, use some automation, or even use a Google sheet or database as a data source, etc.

Thank You Michael,

I’m familiar with using collections for blogs, jobs, etc. as this video explains.

Attached is a screen shot of the page I’m needing to employ dynamic function for only (1) editor to change the status field easily. Status field would have 3 options: OPEN, CLOSED, ALERT. Each with a different color. Maybe this will explain better what is needed. Thanks for looking into it!

screen shot

I’m guessing this is a collection page.
My suggestion above is what you’d use-

If you want different colors, I’d probably use the ref and Status table approach, and put the text and color you want there to make your UX binding simple.

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I tried creating a collection with no success. I’m at a loss - could I hire your service to create this for me? Or send me to someone who could. Thank You!

On my clients WebFlow site - My client wants to be able to change the status filed content of this page: Current Operating Status | Blue Ridge Industries in the CMS editor. Or perhaps there is a different method you would suggest?

The editor would simply select which content should display on the front end.
The editor would choose either
STATUS: OPEN (color green #20b49b)
STATUS: CLOSED (color red #9e081b)
STATUS: ALERT (color amber #f8983f)

I already created a CMS Collection with the items, but unable to figure out how to make it function.

Perhaps you could correct and complete my collection called (Status Selectors) or employ some other method.

Please advise? Thank You!

Hi Will, yes I can help, I’ll send you a direct message in a minute, with details.