Facing issue with table of content loading

Hello members,

I am facing the loading issue with a table of content. The issue is, on the same page, the table of content crashes and content inside the main title hide automatically.

Please see the video for more information - Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thank you.

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A quick guess-

Are your headings e.g. Title I: General Provisions linked?
It looks as though you’re clicking them and your accordion is expanding properly, but then the page is reloading at the same time and resetting the default state, which is closed.

Thank you for your reply. The problem is because in TOC I created it using text link manually not using collection list. The collection list on webflow has a limit of up to 100 lists, whereas we have titles, chapters, and articles more than that, so there is no current page that works dynamically with cms. Is there anything, I am missing?

Can you help?

Hi Rahul,

You can overcome the 100 list item restriction using custom code and creative setup techniques.

I’d need to see how you’re building your navigation structure from your CMS to suggest the best design, but you should be able to build that using two collections lists maximum. Adding more would improve page load performance.

However that shouldn’t be related to your situation regarding the link navigation. I’d think you’d just want your chapter headings to link to # or to not be a link at all, just a clickable DIV with an accordion interaction.

Yes I can help you build this if you need, have a look here and PM me if you’re interested.