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Facebook Shops changing e-commerce?

With Facebook rolling out Shops, does it even make sense for businesses to build e-commerce sites to start? They have 2.6 Billion users and now adding e-commerce easily to a business page certainly is going to change the e-commerce landscape.

What are your thoughts?

Considering how easily facebook/insta takes down some things and leaves other things up forever, I would be weary of using their platform as the only place to sell. (examples of taking down vs. leaving on: disability/body positive activists being blocked or shadow banned vs. hate speech being allowed to stay up).

That’s what I think every time as well and then always come back to “not either or”, but “do both”: Just like you want to build your own newsletter list while keep posting on social media.
I understand their move from getting paid for traffic to getting paid for the transaction: Google tries the same for years and just rolled out a new initiative. Looking forward to it: I love every attempt that tries with the intention to make commerce easier.