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Facebook shares resulting in 404 image even though OG fields have been completed

I’ve tried everything I’ve read on how to update the OG tag to show the proper image on Facebook shares. No avail.

I’m still dealing with Facebook showing a 404 image on any link shared to my webflow website, but it directs to the proper URL. Please see screenshots below. Everything seems to be laid/filled out properly. I do not know what I’m missing but really need to have this resolved.


So just a really quick update here:
It seems like if I shared with the full protocol and subdomain, “https://www.” , it shows the proper image and metadata. Without the protocol and subdomain, (just “”) I still get a 404. Any help here would be great!


Your site redirects from the root domain to WWW so you have to use the correct path as you discovered.

Hey Jeff,
Thanks for your reply but I’m not sure I follow. Is there a course of action I can take to fix this so it doesn’t 404?

I’m not a dev by trade, just wearing the hat for the time being. :slightly_smiling_face:

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