Facebook Share button for contents in a modal window?

Hi everyone,

I’m curious to see if this is do-able or not with the current set up that I have.

On my Art site (http://artistedoiron.com/oeuvres/oeuvres-paysages-fleurs), I have a listing of thumbnails that when clicked, they open larger in a modal window. I’d like for users to “share” individual paintings on Facebook, Twitter, etc… I’m using CMS so I’d basically want it to work this way: “If user clicks a ‘Share on Facebook’ link, make it use this photo, this title, and this price”.

Can I make this happen since I don’t have individual “pages” for each of my paintings? They simply open up in a modal window… If not, is there an easy way to convert all my modal windows to separate pages (do I even want that, from a usability perspective)?