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Facebook Page Plugin doesn't appear on live site

Greetings everyone!

I’m building a site for a client ( Published link: ) and in the third section of the page I’ve embedded a facebook page plugin ( )

I’ve pasted the Javascript SDK code in the page’s Custom code before /body tag and the actual embed code in the html embed element, but nothing shows up! - I’ve tried looking around but I can’t find any useful clues as of yet. I’ve also tried the iFrame way, which doesn’t work either. Other types of embed code (instagram plugin, google my map) works fine on the page.

What am I doing wrong?

Project link:

Thanks in advance!

Your iframe does not have a proper width and height set.

Thank you. I didn’t understand at first, but it seems that you need to set a default width and height on the page where you get the code from facebook, I just assumed that if I don’t enter any values it would use the container default - seems I was wrong.