Facebook keeps blocking my websites

Can someone please tell me why Facebook blocks our website? It’ll block fmymc.org and Young Men's Conference - BE REAL

I have no idea why. They say it is because of spam? But how is this spam? The links are to a registration page for an event. Please help as this affects reach.

Most services rely on internal heuristics and 3rd party databases to identify spam.

First, try not to use redirects, like your .org, which redirects to a .net.

Also check for blacklisting of your domain to see what databases your domain might be in, and resolve those. Here’s one-

I clicked that link you just gave and it says it’s because of email delivery problems?
Am I reading that right?

I haven’t done the research, it’s a fairly intense process to check all the blacklists, and go through the process of contesting each of them.

But you’ve got the right idea. Research. Find the problems. Fix them. Find the blacklist’s contact info and request removal from the blacklist.

The last time I did this for a client it took 3 hours to sort out 4 blacklist results on a domain they had purchased.

I’m away this week but if you need professional help on this, drop me a message.

Thank you, Michael. I appreciate your advice!