Facebook chat disappear O.o

hey guys, the facebook chat disappear in one of my websites O.o i din’t move anything, it just disappear.

¿can you tell me what happen?

alohacreativos.com is the website

i din’t move any of the code, the other websites on webflow cms working ok with the chat, just this one disappear

Hey @sanshiro

Works fine for me.

:frowning: i can’t see the chat, using safari here and testing with the other websites, other one works just fine

Chrome works, on firefox it is not working.

Tomorrow i’ll use it on a clients website ( the facebook messenger) Report to you if it works on every platform.

:frowning: i see, works only on chrome, i don’t understand why

look, this other website with webflow cms working ok on safari www.urologiamerida.com