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Extremely slow designer

My designer is dreadfully slow in Chrome. It makes it extremely difficult to adjust anything accurately. My dl speed is 103 mbs and my ul is 21 mbs. Are you guys having server issues or is it something on my end?

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Hi, is it still the case? Is your project very large? Like a lot of pages… As I write these lines the Designer is pretty fast and reactive.

Only 2 pages. It seems to one of my browser extensions. I only have about 10 that I use, like adblock, kaspersky, etc. I will have to go one by one later to find the culprit.

reboot your computer.
that often fixes it for me.

Get Chrome Canary, a stable version, don’t add any extension to it, and use it for your Webflow work.

Hi @sstraub, I would take @vincent’s recommendation :slight_smile:

Also take a peek at this article:

There have been issues reported with extensions that need access to alter the html viewed in the browser, so basically check any plugin that can block browser connectivity, or has possibility to re-write the html on the fly.


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