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Extremely laggy

Why is webflow slowing down? Lot of waiting after you edit anything. Occasionally have to kill page and start over. Happening on all browsers for few weeks now. Thought it was my computer but it’s like that everywhere.
Is there a fix?

Hey Vin, I’m sorry you’re running into some quirks. We’re always working on ways to speed things up - including rewriting our whole styling engine. Can you try to clean up your styles on your site to see if it speeds it up?

Also can you check if you have Chrome Extensions that are slowing it down? I personally had several Chrome extensions that made Webflow extremely slow and after I removed them things were snappy again.

Let me know if this helps.

Same problem here, I have to kill and play cat and mouse with my project …
I guess I’ll get better optimizing stuff with time.

Hey guys we’re working on a big update that will speed things up a lot. Sorry for any inconvenience!