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Extract a javascript function from site export? (Site can't use javascript)

I have a website that we’re hosting on a platform that can’t use the natively exported javascript as a file - I have to manually recreate the javascript functions (mainly simple animations etc) and not use the huge amount of other javascript in the file.

After looking at the exported code, I don’t see any classnames mentioned in the .js file so I don’t know how it all fits together.

So my question is: How can I take an interaction happening in my website, and find that javascript function in the exported code? Even finding a starting point that I can edit to work properly.

Most animations are referenced at the end of the webflow.js script file (57kB). It is not really set up accommodate what you want. You might want to investigate replacing your animations with AOS or GSAP. I don’t know what you are actually doing on the site (Webflow code) so I really can’t be more specific.

Also remember that Webflow’s script depends on jQuery being loaded which is on all sites. There is a dependency in Tram for jQuery which is used as well ( GitHub - BKWLD/tram: Cross-browser CSS3 transitions in JavaScript.)

Thanks Jeff - looking at the end of the javascript document I can see it’s at least partially understandable. ie. I can see the keyframes of my animations and what they’re effecting.
I guess I can try reverse engineer that into another javascript animation format.
The main issue would be the ‘occurs after X animation key’ and ‘occurs with’ that I’d need to figure out, and yes how to affect ‘scroll into view’ etc, so I’ll look into that. At least it’s not a total loss.