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Extra width(white space) on my mobile version website

Hi guys. I know this might be a rookie problem but I do need some help here.

My website always has extra width (or white space) on the mobile version. Kindly take a look at the screenshot attached.

I tried to debug it on Chrome dev console but I didn’t find any element that causes this. Is it because of the animation?

Here is the link

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t have time to really dig in to it as there’s a lot going on there, but a common cause for this is animations that start offscreen. If you have any instances of this, check whether the parent element is set to show or hide overflow - that could solve it.

As an aside, I’m only seeing superfluous space at a viewport width of 300px or below - that seems to contrast with the screenshot you included. Have you managed to partially resolve this since posting?

Hi Andy

Thank you so much.
I check the parent elements that have animation and set the overflow either “none” or “Auto”.

Now everything is fixed and it still has the animation in the mobile version. May I ask what’s the reason for that?