Extra white space before footer?

Hi there!

We’re looking to launch our business site MVP next week. We’re almost there, but now issues I never expected are showing up.

Can anyone tell me why there is all this extra space on my home page before the footer? I

Something tells me this has something to do with how I’ve fundamentally set up this site to work. We have a group of 3 developers working on this site and none of them have design experience. So, it’s not the prettiest.

Thank you so much!

Here is the sites published URL: https://nexient-dev.com
Here is my site Read-Only: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/nexient-dev?preview=2eda9715c00402c1c50ae63ffa5f0e2e

Hi Silas,

I’m fairly new to Webflow but here’s my diagnosis:

The issue with the white space before the footer is being caused by a Transforms setting of ‘Move Up 250px’ applied to the ‘we-are-hiring’ section.

(click image to see full grab)

Once this styling is removed, the extra space above footer is removed.

However, extra space then appears above the ‘we-are-hiring’ section.

I think that this is due to other transform styling, which is applied to the ‘latest-news’ and ‘people-talking’ to make them appear over the ‘blue-stripe’.

I’d suggest grouping all of the following elements into a div block and style as needed within the div.

At the moment the ‘blue-stripe’ is a div block and the two containers ‘latest-news’ and ‘people-talking’ are sitting below the block. (but with Transforms/Moved Up)

You could drag the ‘latest-news’ and ‘people-talking’ into the ‘blue-stripe’ div block, and then remove the transforms which are moving them up. This would be the simplest fix.

Or, as it looks on your published URL you have the blue stripe to be at a diagonal position, you may need to make a new div block, and then place the ‘blue-stripe’ div, along with the 2 containers mentioned, into the new div block. And then style as needed to achieve the design you want.

Otherwise, if the containers are nested within a rotated ‘blue-stripe’ then they will also appear angled.

There may be other ways to achieve the effect you’re going for, but that’s my 2 cents.

I hope this helps you on the path to fixing the issues.

Good luck with the launch.


This was very helpful!

Thank you so much. We have taken your stuff into consideration and updated.

I’m also really new to Webflow and not even sure how those transformations even happened.

SIlas B.

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