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Extra spacing at the end of a collection list

Not sure if this is a bug or no, but I get some weird extra spacing at the end of my collection list when i put it in a flex box. I want all items to hit the edge of its wrapper, and i’m using “space-between” to justify. The flex list i’m speaking of is at the bottom of the page. Here’s a public share link:

HI @fagerli - I noticed you have a bottom margin of 120px on styringsgruppeitem - Remove or adjust this and all will be good in the World! :slight_smile: Regards Kai

That wasn’t the problem :frowning: The problem is that the last item in the list
doesn’t align to the columns.

Hi @fagerli - Ah, I get ya! Sorry! I think its Flex box that is messing up your layout. You don’t actually need to use Flex box for this layout… I made a quick vid to demonstrate…

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: Regards Kai

Wow! Thanks so much!

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