Extra space under image in grid layout

Hi everyone this is Daisy here again,
I am still trying to fit images into the cells on my grid layout but it keeps making extra space below or to the side of the image. I tried using object fit for the images so they wouldn’t create the extra space on the bottom, but its still happening…i need help on how to fix this, thank you so much again in advance. I circled in blue the extra space that’s created after i place the image into the cell. This is the read only link: Webflow - Daisy’s Fantabulous Site

Removing 100px of Bottom margin + 59px of bottom padding seems to have fixed it.

I just tried that and the image still has space left on the bottom, theres still a huge gap between the cells the image occupies and the next row on the grid…its completely ignoring the 40 px row gap…its still there :sob:

Still there >>
Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 6.06.47 PM

Set both bottom padding and margin to ZERO

I am so sorry sir i think we might be misunderstanding each other because it is still there after margin and padding have been adjusted

@Daisy_A, try updating your grid settings to Distribute: Top


Thank you so much! It fixed the problem

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