Extra space on the right of my page

Hello everyone, I have 2 parallax scrolls on my site and while doing some editing today, realized that there’s some white space to the right of my page. I read through a few other topics but can’t seem to pinpoint how to translate the advice to my project.

My first section doesn’t seem to have the issue and it’s not until you scroll down you are able to see the space to the right as it allows horizontal scrolling.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Hi Fareeda, where is the white space you are referring to? I couldn’t see anything unusual on the link you provided.

This might be of some use to you. I hope you find your answer.

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Hmm, check here: https://website-7ca637.webflow.io/

In the webflow preview it doesn’t show up but I always check the external link

thank you, you’re a like saver and this helped fix it!

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