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Extra space on right side, Video embeds wont resize for mobile?

hey guys,
First time on this forum. I am working on this site for a friend, i cant seem to find why there is extra space on the right side.

i also have a few other issues:
-cant resize video embed in the sliders for mobile formats effectively.
-i cant edit the mobile menu because i cant find how to edit it on the open setting
-the buttons on the sliders stay clicked when tapped on through a smartphone or tablet platform. i would like for it to return to an untapped state afterward.

these issues are preventing me from finishing the site and optimizing it to look good across every platform.

any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time


Hello @3vd_Business!

I’m going to try and help you with all of these issues. First I have fixed the video embed issue.

-You want to go into both of the video embeds by double clicking the HTML Embed and add max-width=“100%” like the first picture.

-Also change HTML Embed 8 to a flex element that is horizontal with the settings in the second picture.

If you have any other questions about the videos let me know.


Hi again @3vd_Business!

If i understand correctly you want to be able to edit the mobile menu like in the photo all you have to do is select mobile menu on the Navigator in “Tablet view” and “Hide” the transformation while you want to edit it. Once you are done just be sure to un-hide the transformation.

If you have any questions about this section let me know.


Next I have for you @3vd_Business is the sliders stay clicked when tapped. The I would do this is just hide the changed on tablet view like in the photo. If you wanted to you could also add on pressed for tablet and do the save 100% invert, which mobile should inherit from tablet.

I should have started with this but welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I like the site it looks good! I cant for the life of me see the extra space on the right side you are talking about so if could show me an example with it I should be able to help you with it.

If you have and questions let me know,


Hi Sean, with your help I was able to make all changes but one. I wasn’t able to complete the menu because I could not find where or which transformation to hide in tablet view. Aside from that thanks so much for taking the time to help out!

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sorry after looking closer, i noticed what you did, and was able to fix the issue, thanks again!

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