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Extra empty space on the page

I would be really grateful if somebody helps me :frowning:
I have this empty extra space on the right side of the whole page (on every device)
When I look on the preview mode of the website, everything works well and the page adjusts it’s width on every device. But when you go to the actual website, the page is always too big for the screen.

Thank you in advance!

Here is my site Read-Only:

@Dasha_Krizanovska could you provide the link to the published site? Since that’s where the issue shows up, that’s what we need to look at. In general, these issues are caused by using 100% width or 100vw or images that are too big. I can’t say for sure without seeing the actual site or a working read-only link :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

I somehow managed to remove this scrollbar from every device except for the mobile. there is still a little space on the right…

published website:

Thank you

@Dasha_Krizanovska have you been able to fix it in the meantime? I checked your site on mobile and there’s no scroll to the right anymore :slight_smile: