Extra 5 files and code in download now a days

Since the introduction of Ecommerce the downloaded code contains some extra 5 files. Even when you don’t use any ecommerce in your project, these files are delivered.
Now, you can delete them, so that’s not a big problem, but there is also a lot of extra code in the css en and js files you don’t need. This will slow down your website and there is no way to exclude them from the download.
Isn’t there a way to solve this? So, when you don’t use ecommerce, these files and code are excluded from the download?
We all want to make or website faster, not slower!

Don’t enable e-commerce. If you need to remove it, you should contact support.

No, even when you don’t use ecommerce, the code will be included in the download.

I would be interested to see the source files, so that I could compare them with projects that have never had e-commerce enabled. Care to facilitate?

You can do this yourself! Download a project from the dashbord
and see!

Thanks for sharing that. The issue that I was having is there is no “extra 5 files” present on an export of a base Webflow site; unless you activated e-commerce on the project at some point.

File list on a vanilla site export.

File list on a same site, after activating e-commerce.

Those additional files are templates.

As I stated previously, contact support to have them disable / reset e-commerce on the site.

Hello Jeff.

  Thanks for your replay. I will contact support and ask them to

disable / reset e-commerce on this site.
Still no idea why this happened! Strange.

Well, reset a website or disable e-commerce on a site is not possible. Once you’ve set it up, there is no going back! Started a new project and copied all content in it. Took me some time, time I would have liked to spend on something else. But what do you do?

Was that from support? I was not aware that was not an option. Seems like it should be though. Maybe a warning from Webflow on the Ecommerce button is in order.