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External URLs having .html added to them after downloading ZIP

Is there a way to stop Webflow adding “.html” to external links during the building of the ZIP file?

The links I’m adding are the same name as pages but without the “.html” bit, for example we’ve just created a “careers.html” page and have a link in our footer to “/careers”. It looks fine in the editor, it even looks fine in the Export Code but as soon as we download the ZIP it adds “.html” to the filename!

We can get around it by adding the full external domain name to the links but this means we can’t test it properly on our staging site.

Nope. This is done to provide compatibility so it just works. You could use rewrite rules on your web host if apache or nginx. The other option is search and replace in an editor.

Ok thanks - I’ll stick with adding the full URL.

Can I suggest this is turned off though, surely if I’d wanted to link to a page I’d created in Webflow I’d use that option and not the “External Link” setting!

Secondly if it’s going to be “corrected” it should be done visibly not hidden in the ZIP building process.

FYI: You can use relative links in “External Links” so If you know you will be exporting the site you can link to /about.html as an example.