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External REST API Integration from something like Sheety?

I’m attempting to show data (Numbers and names) from an external REST API that I created through Sheety. Is it as simple as adding an embedded HTML code along with auth above the body in custom code? I cannot try out embedded HTML blocks until I purchase a hosting plan.

I’m also against Sheetsu as a solution as their product is incredibly slow at pulling numbers and opens up our data.

Thanks in advance!

Hello there! Welcome to the forum.

I’m not totally sure how sheety works – are you making a call, and then receive a JSON payload from your google doc? You could use the HTML embed element to run an iframe, but I don’t know any way to populate it from an external source. You could write the data to your webflow CMS via the API and then display that, but I’m guessing that’s not what you want.

Sorry not to be more helpful…