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External links not working in modal

Hi guys

I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out but I can’t seem to get this to work

I have a modal that has 3 buttons and a few in-line links, all of which link externally to various sites (Medium, Google Slides etc)

Not a single link is working. Every other link works on my site, but any links lying inside the modal do not work. I’m thinking this requires custom code? No idea where to start and I’ve had a look online, can’t find any other threads with an answer?

Here’s something more weird:

in preview mode, the links work fine - Webflow - Jaymie Gill

but on the published site, the links don’t work on the project modal (scroll down to the Barclays project and click, the case study/proto/deck buttons and all in-line links not working) - new

(also, please ignore all the messy things I need to tweak/fix lol, I’m fairly new to having a dev process so I’m just doing things as I go!)

i have another issue as well which is i want the site to jump to the ‘work’ section on load but i can’t seem to get that to work even with custom code :confused:

thank you so much for any help in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @jaymiegill,
i cannot see your live site. Can you share the live url with us?

And i think there is sth wrong with either my computer or webflow, because i get 2 different versions f your sites, depending on refreshing my site.

I have clicked the link twice, and two different site versions (completely different) show up. Check the link in the screenshots.

I´ll take a look later, maybe you are changeing there something right now…


Hey Maxi

I had the modal div hidden on the live site, on the preview link I left the modal shown instead of hidden

I was editing the site just now yes, but you should be able to see the same modal as in the preview by clicking on the project in the work section on the published site

Hey Maxi
Wondering if you could still help with this? Still doesn’t work :frowning:

Hi @jaymiegill,
can you dm or tell me the password of your live site, so i can investigate further. :smiley: