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External Link Tracking with Google Tag Manager

Hello there!

I know there have been a lot questions about link tracking, form tracking and everything tracking with Google Tag Manager in this forum and believe me, I’ve read them all! But is there a “new” way without workarounds, zapier or other things to track these links?

Due to our product-registration that is on another URL, I cannot track my conversions and therefore cannot tell my boss if my work is successful or not which really sucks. Not really, I can treck the other URL but still, there are 3 buttons for 3 different versions of our product and I want to know which one is clicked most. So far I’ve worked with a workaround of a landingpage for each version and a success-page that I tracked in GA but we don’t want to use these landingpages anymore.

Heeeeeelp meeeeee pleeeeeeeease or I might shoot myself!!!

Thanks a lot <3

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