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External Javascript?

Hello I am sure this has been answered before, but I cannot find it anywhere…
My site would require external javascript files. Mostly to call Parse, handle data and log in/outs, and secure the code.
Is this a capability or a future capability?

I guess other option would be simply exporting?

this should answer your question :smile:

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Sorry I am somewhat new to this whole game, so if my questions are misguided please inform me.

Typically when I call a javascript sheet it is from an external sheet in the folder hierarchy. How would I call that without a folder structure? Would I need to host my javascript on something like googledocs so I could reference it?

Also, if you are meaning I should write the javascript in the body, that I understand. I do wonder though is there any difference in this than an external javascript? I have just always used a separate javascript file so I am not sure if it is ‘bad practice’ to have it all in your html.

Sorry for so many questions,

Thanks in advance.

you can either write the script in the custom code area < /body> or host the code somewhere else and call it

FYI - if you write the script directly without hosting it somewhere else, you will have a max character count of 2000 (i think)

Is it unsafe to publicly host Javascript, but I guess its all ‘visible’ anyways.
But thanks! Got it working.

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