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External Hosting - Need help with IE11 on Windows 8.0 some script and images not working

Hi guy’s,

I really have a problem with my webflow website on an external hosting. While the website is working completely fine on the mywebsite.webflow domain in all browsers and all platform animations/interactions are not working in IE11. Chrome and Firefox on windows are ok.
The strange thing is that the the animation and loading of images belonging to the interaction made with webflow are perfectly ok on the webflow domain. I mean
So, I am a little puzzled about what the difference between the behaviour of script on your hosting.domain and external hosting.

I really could use some help.


@danro could you take a look in here? I think you might know the answer. I had similar issue on one of my clients website, but we simply turned off every js code on IE and we left only one popup box that tells to change the browser ;)

Hi bartekkustra,

Are you serious? a popup?
And the client agreed?


Yup. It simply tells “This website is full of latest technology! You can either see it plain or download a modern browser” and browser icons below. Site works for IE11 but all scripts are disabled. Popup shows only ONCE thanks to cookies.

…well it’s more like a status bar on top of the website. Something similar to webflow “published” status bar when you are in dashboard :)

Hi Bartek,

Ok, but IE 11 on windows 8.1 in combination with the term latest technology. is it that bad with Microsoft?

And more interesting why is all working perfect on the webflow domain. I mean after publishing and watching in IE11 on windows. What kind of magic are the guy’s of webflow doing. and what is the difference in code (HTML, CSS en JS) between the files on and my own hosting AMS (Amsterdam Server)


Hi All,

I forgot to mention you can find the website on which is working ok in even in IE 11while on: a part of the website functionality is broken



HI All,

I sincerely somebody is still willing to help. In the meantime I found a solution bij copying the code generated from the webflow domain and paste most of it in the code on the external hosting. And guess what now the website is working in IE11. Only centering the container, which default behaviour of a container (sic) is not working.

Next I tried to minify the exported coded because I have the strong feeling the problem is connected to spaces en line brakes in the HTML, but still no luck.

So, for now I cannot use the exported version but must use the published source code generated on the server of



Thanks Bert & Bartek,

We’re testing the exported code on IE11, and will reply back once we have an idea on how to resolve.

Just to confirm, @BBC2, did you add any additional code to the exported site before uploading to your server?


No, i didn’t. Like I mentioned I tried after noticing the problem to mimic “your” code by using minify methods. I even had a version with the same amount of lines like the one which is working. You know the not so “pretty” and readable one, but no luck. It’s really strange. Even an version with my own header incl. the exported css and JS files while pasting the rest of the was working perfectly on IE11. So I am little “curious” what is going on.

Because the website is now live on the domain I unpublished the webflow version. Once in a while publishing it in order to make changes :blush: -)

Please find below: the public link:

Thanks and regards,


Update: I forgot to tell I solved the container issue which was not aligned in the center in IE11. It’s now ok. It was my bad :smile: So with the use of copied code from webflow - not the exported one - everything on IE11 is functioning like in other browsers.

Hi Bert,

We were successfully able to track down the IE11 export bug. It looks like the culprit was a rogue quotation mark in one of your custom Embed blocks. Below you will find a screenshot illustrating where to find it:

Once you delete the extra " mark, your site should export and function properly in IE11 once again.


Hi Danro,

You guy’s at webflow rock!!
Amazing finding this. Respect and sorry for my sloppy embedding code. I won’t do it again :smile:

Have a nice working day.