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External domain redirects

Hi there,

I’m trying to set up a vanity link.

So I need to link to an external domain

I see Webflow now supports external url redirects, so I would have thought this should work.

But when I put in (on the 301 redirect page):

OLD PATH: /support

Then go to - it redirects me to

How do I make sure Webflow recognise that the ‘new path’ is an entirely different external domain, not a sub-page on my site?

Seems like you already figured it out. Mind sharing how you solved it?

Hi mate - no I haven’t solved it yet!

I need to go to

… currently it redirects to

It does go to, but that site is redirecting you again to a login page.

Thanks Sam - interesting - it doesn’t work on my Chrome browser, but does on Safari and Firefox.

It must be a cache issue sending me to the wrong link.

You’re right though it does appear to be working!

To answer your question asking how I solved it, I just typed the following into the 301 redirect box under settings:

OLD PATH: /support