External Blog Recommendations

I was just introduced to webflow and so far I’m a big fan. Seems great for static sites. I haven’t dived too much into CMS yet. I’ll probably hold off until their hosting allows for a little bit more control over the data. I still have a few clients that like to have small blog/news sections of their sites. Figured I could easily setup a subdomain and was wondering what others like to use for blogging.

I’ve only ever worked with wordpress, but might be a bit overkill for a simple blog on a subdomain. Wondered if anyone else has any recommendations or if I should just stick to wordpress.

Thanks in advance for the recommendations.

Hi @milkyway

Welcome to Webflow and the forum!

There’s plenty of examples of blogs using the Webflow CMS itself, not least blog.webflow.com itself.

You have full control of how to set up the fields to be used in the blog, plus full design control on the posts and how the info is presented.

When you say more control - do you mean the limitation of not being able to export the CMS/blog data to use elsewhere? Other than that, if you blog within Webflow, you can do lots with the data…

There are blog templates here: templates.webflow.com and also a tutorial on creating a blog site here:

Hope that’s useful - feel free to ask questions - we’re a friendly bunch :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for responding! I love the control you have over the data within webflow. The crash course made it seem like a dream. The only downside is that my client is worried about not being able to export to csv etc. I understand that this may be possible through the api?

API is not something I can advise on, there is however a wishlist item for exporting CMS: