External API Integration Help for Booking Website

Hi everyone,

I will start a booking project like Airbnb, but not so big and I have some doubts before starting:

  • I can create a multilanguage website in webflow (maximum 3 languages) If it is, how can I do it? Is there a guide? I did not find anything current looking in the forum.
  • Can I integrate the Guesty API to make reservations?
  • Can I add a chat of my own to the webflow website?

Sorry, I’ve only used webflow in design without intertwining. And I have these doubts that I want to clarify before starting.

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Hello @sebastian88,

Thanks for reaching out on the Webflow Forum! Sounds like a fun project :slight_smile:

Let me try to answer your questions:

  1. Can I create a multi language website In Webflow (Maximum 3 language) If it is, how can I do it? Is there a guide?

My Answer:

First of all I’d like to point out that this should be possible, completely depending on what functionality you seek to implement with the API, and how developed this API is, as well as how much experience you have with API’s and Code as there won’t be any step by step guide for this custom of an integration.

I’d also like to note that Webflow does create “Multi-Language” websites when you are using and publishing from the designer, as it’s using HTML/CSS/JS (The Trifecta) to build a front-end site, and it uses languages for the Webflow CMS. I think you’re first question may actually be "Can I create a Webflow site that uses an external API/JS? The answer is yes within reason, The Webflow CMS API is a HTTP JSON API and allows you to programatically add, update, and delete items from the Webflow CMS, allowing you to connect external data sources to your Webflow sites. However Webflow cannot for example push a collection item or piece of data, from Webflow back into an external API.

  1. Can I Integrate the Guesty API to make reservations?

My Answer:

My agency is currently building a website for a client that is similar to what you are describing (If I understand correctly):

Essentially the site we are building is a Villa & Estate booking website hooked up to a 3rd party API, the 3rd Party API on the site we are building is called MyVR (also hooked up to airbnb, etc) (I have taken a look at the Guesty API you reference, I assume that it’ll work in a similar manner to MyVR API, and I can see that they have Reseravations as apart of the Guesty API Documenation). On our project we are using the API from MyVR to push data to the Webflow hosted Front-End. The API will handle booking calendars, reservations, and almost all the content on the site, everything that is static can be edited through the Webflow Designer/Editor as expected.

This is our progress so far: http://beautiful-places-dev.webflow.io/

  1. Can I add a chat of my own to the webflow website?

My Answer:

Regarding chat for customer messaging: To add 3rd party chat to your Webflow site like I have done on WebflowDeveloper.com is simple, you could integrate something like Intercom or Chatra (There are many other tools that work in a similar manner). To use this simply make an account and embed the code they give you following the instructions followed by the 3rd party tool.

Let me know if you have any more questions, reach out through my site or just PM me on the forum :slight_smile:

If you could share more about the specific functionality requirements you need for this project that would help as well.



Hi @sebastian88.
Josh from Foxy here. @Scott_Van_Zandt has some great advice. He and his team know their stuff. That said, if you decide to go another route, we’ve helped other Webflow users with an Airbnb type clone.



Booked dates are automatically added to a collection in Webflow after each booking (via Zapier). The datepicker hits against booked dates to ensure there are no double bookings.

This means full management and control entirely in Webflow. Also, you can bring in customer data and more, so you can build your own booking manager setup within Webflow.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance. Feel free to send over your specific needs and we can put together a custom demo.



I assume the question is about human languages, not computer languages. That is quite high on our wishlist, and marked “in planning,” for release some time in 2019: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-58


Aha! Okay, that makes a bit more sense. Thanks @forresto