Exporting websites turn domain.com/subpage into domain.com/subpage.html

I’m on the workspace plan… so I dont have any sites hosted on webflow except my staging site.

How come, on the webflow hosted site: Noct.Co — Supergiant.IO Case Study works without the html… but on my live site, webflow exports it with the html file: Noct.Co — Supergiant.IO Case Study

i would like to know how to properly export the website that’s similar to the webflow hosted site into the one that’s outside webflow. I dont want the .html file.


Exported pages are designed to be used on any standard web host. You can use web server rewrite rules to remove the extension. How is dependent upon which web server you are using and what your host provides access to.

Personally I run local shell scripts to perform transformations on the files to place them in a folder and rename them to index.html. I also update all links to point to the new location as well.

Sorry im not familiar with this. How do I do this? Is there a guide / step by step tutorial?

So basically this is a manual thing before uploading to the server?

@Noct - Yes it is. I download the zip, expand it into a temp build directory, run my file name/folder script to create conversions, then search and replace link values in the exported code. When done, I copy it over to a local git repo which I push to GitHub. I usually use Cloudflare pages to push the files to the edge for free and host the project without a web server. Cloudflare pages are blazing fast and secure, and I get complete control over access with Cloudflare. I use Basin for form processing for exported sites, so there is no spam, no server or code to maintain, and it has built-in integrations. All of this works great for projects that don’t need many changes on the Webflow side. I have even tested doing this with RPA tools successfully so that a bot can handle the whole process for me.

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