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Exporting Webflow to PSD

Here’s one for the Think-Tank

Webflow to PSD

So I have a project that requires responsive design be done for Mobile and Web but the client desires to receive the files in PSD. However, I feel that I would be more efficient if I could design the project in Webflow’s responsive layout and when approved export (the responsive layouts) to PSD for handover to the client.

This would be a great advantage for anyone who have similar situations and thought it was worth mentioning.


Try this

I have not tried it myself though…

This is good but i’m afraid time is against me for trial and error…

I welcome shared experiences.


Understand, good luck with your project.

convertio’s fairly simple to use.

Enter a URL - wait - then download the psd file.

Pros: Very simple to use
Cons: Results are somewhat less than impressive

Closer views of Ebay

Closer views of Webflow

Yeah… sadly, I don’t think it’s gonna work for me.


Doesn’t make sense to have PSDs when you have the actual code for the website. Maybe talk to your client about the benefits of having it all as real code?

PSDs are far inferior to an actual webflow page.


I know haha…

But in cases like this, one can summarize that the client already has a developer and only desire front-end design to be later developed.

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Front End Design is better developed from webflow than from a PSD. At my company I start with PSDs, to at least get major chunks of how I want the site to look down. Then I finish in webflow and deliver all the “comps” to our FEDs in webflow. They love it. They hate working with photoshop comps.

Here is an example of how I deliver comps in webflow.

Here is the final live site, done in Drupal.

We create sites in Drupal in their final form.

Also if you are interested I wrote a more detailed blog post about what I learned designing in-browser and my design workflow.

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Give a price for doing it the Webflow way. Give a price for doing it their backwards, wasteful, PSD way.

Option 1) They see the light.
Option 2) You make more money.


You can use Pagelayers (macOS):
It works very well!

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I like it… but I’m on PC :frowning:

That’s a pity! You may ask a collegue on a mac to do it for you…

This is an ongoing problem which should be resolved. Some working environments are stuck in a pointless past. There really is no reason whatsoever to require psd files over a live working responsive prototype made with html and css. With psds plenty of things are left to interpretation and it’s an impossibly cumbersome job to extract all necessary dimensions, colours etc in an accurate and efficient manner. Defining % based layouts in photoshop is simply STUPID. Photoshop is NOT an interface design tool, the advantages of real protoyping are just way too many to mention.

I’ve been in your situation before and I fought hard to stop the psd stupidity, in most instances I managed to convince my client using hard facts. The main one being that working with psds is ultimately way more expensive, every little design change takes considerably more time and if we talk about bigger changes… really no contest. Now let’s navigate a psd with 100’s of layers all tucked away in their little folders, very efficient-not. The alternative of using dev tools to instantly access the markup you require with one click is a winner that no one can argue against.

As I said, if all other reasoning fails the price one is one that all managers understand.

Good luck with it.


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