Exporting Webflow site to cPanel hosting

Hi everyone,

I have a client who has requested a site from me. I am currently building it in webflow, however they would like it to be hosted on cPanel.

I am planning on exporting the code and then just uploading it there.

However i would like to know if i am going to run into any issues and would also like some guidance on the contact from aspect of things, as i am aware that you cant export form functionality. They are also requesting a reCAPTCHA for the form ( im not a robot) Would this be transferable, and if not how could i implement this on cPanel? would it have to be custom code.

Thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You’ll need to use a third party form processor or you can go ahead and implement code on your new host. Obviously it’s custom code. If you don’t choose a third party form processor that supports ReCaptcha then you will need to implement it with server side code which is documented here → Developer's Guide  |  reCAPTCHA  |  Google Developers.

Usebasin.com works for me.

Thanks so much! really appreciate the help

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