Exporting Webflow Code doesn't Include the Home Page?

Hi there,

I’ve been attempting to export a new version of a site for a client, but and every time I download the package, the designated Home page is excluded from the package for some reason. (I first figured this out when I uploaded a converted Udesly template to WP)

Specifically, here’s what i noticed:

  • The site is 26 pages

  • All pages have been included in the downloaded Zip file EXCEPT the designated Home page

  • There is no file in the export that says “home” or 'mywebsitename.com" as a default page.

  • When the template is converted, the home page that displays is not the homepage in my editor/on my webflow account- but a jumbled mess of elements that do not resemble and page I have made.

Any thoughts or fix suggestions regarding this problem?

Additional Edit:

I’ve exported, and converted several templates in the past 4 months (using Udesly) and this has never been a problem. All attempts before a week ago have been a success.

Thank you!

Hi @Nick_Roy,

Is the new Page designated as Save as Draft or Save for Publish. This would have an affect on that outcome.

Hi @QA_Brandon, it is not designated as a draft. (Even so the draft pages do get exported in the ZIP file as I’ve noticed)

hmmmm. Not sure @Nick_Roy. Someone from Webflow Support is gonna have to look at this in the admin panel as we do not have access to exported code on the share link.

Have you reached out to tech support for this matter?

@rileyrichter @RileyJones @Brando, @johnramos @cyberdave you guys have any thoughts on this?

Just to confirm. So you are not getting a file named index.html when opening the ZIP?
Works for me. Just tested three projects.

Hi @Nick_Roy

I have the same question as @webdev here — do you see a file named index.html? This will be your home page.

If you don’t see that file, can you please share your Read-Only link?


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