Exporting 'User Account' Emails to 3rd party or .csv?

I have an about 2000 “user accounts”, and I am trying send emails to this list, preferably via convertkit, but I’ll work with whatever.

As I can’t find an export .csv option, I’m guessing I need some sort of integration?

Is it possible to automate, or populate this data elsewhere?

Thanks :pray:

Hey Glen, I’m doing some personal project work in this area. There’s no CSV, etc. but the user details ( everything but access-groups ) can be retrieved through the API.

If you’re trying to maintain a synchronized subscriber list in ConvertKit, you’ll need to use the webhooks and automation to keep convertkit’s list current. There are a few issues with the Membership API currently however that will make this tricky at the moment.

Details in this post in the Memberships BETA forum if you’ve joined.