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Exporting HTML with nested folders css/font/js linking issue

Not sure why but my CSS and JS are not linking now with nested folders implementation, they are still rendered looking for the folders in their nested folder rather than in parent folder… any help would be much appreciated :smile:

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Was just about to post this exact same issue. On a development site I have just uploaded the only page in the site that was nested in a folder lost all it’s css data. Once copied and put into the folder manually the page appeared as normal.

The js/css and other info is not being carried over into the nested folders.

After batch changing all the code to point to the correct folders, it works for me. But it is weird to see this happening.

I have the same problem and i have to fixed manually :confused:

I just purchased a template and publish it shown as follows. Why does this happen?

I think that is just designer preview thumbnail that must be rendering incorrectly, once you enter into the designer view i’m sure your template displays correctly.

Webflow guys any help with this linking issue? :smile:

I just finished up a very large nested folder custom site last night. No template used, started with a blank page and built all components in webflow. I have 6 folders with over 40 pages, sliders, maps, nav … most all the standard stuff … been watching the feedback here before I went live … I tested it on my computer first … ok … then live with no problems at all … works awesome … I made many clean up changes while testing it out, re-downloaded those changes and uploaded to my server many times … makes me wonder what is the area of different usage here as that may help you identify the source of the problem you are having?

The problem is happening with me several new projects that are not public and sorted by folders.

By the way, can someone explain to us as how to transfer correctly an old site to the new site with folders?