Exporting Code on Lite or Pro plan Question

Hey guys,

On the account plans, it says that both Lite and Pro plans can be used to export code, but in the Designer, it says “Full ZIP exports are only available on the Professional plan.”

What’s the difference? Is this just a discrepancy in wording that hasn’t been fixed since the pricing changes?

Account Plans: https://webflow.com/dashboard/account/plans

Cheers, Paul

I believe so

Seems like a bug then.

Hi @Paulie this definitely sounds like odd behavior and you should be able to perform site exports with the Lite plan. Can you please let me know what your Webflow account email address is? You can either send me a direct message on here or email me at support@webflow.com so that we can get this resolved right away.

Hey @Waldo, It’s not a massive issue, the export worked. You’ll just have to update the text in the designer that says the user has to have a pro plan installed to full export.

Cheers, Paul

Hi @Paulie can you please send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end exactly so that we can get this updated right away? Feel free to message me directly if you’re not able to share the screenshot publicly.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate your help!

@Waldo I can’t reproduce it now because I’ve upgraded to a Lite account. It will only appear on an unpaid account.

Cheers, Paul

Hi @Paulie thanks a ton! Found the bug and we’re working on a fix for this, I really appreciate your help on this!

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