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Exporting code from one Webflow account to another cleanly?

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way for me to transfer my Webflow page’s design and code cleanly to another developer’s Webflow account in my company? Being that only one of us could log-on at once, I decided to work on a project in my personal account. However, I would like to know if transferring my work will be messy and a pain, or clean and not destroy any of the design. Thank you!!!

Yes you can easily transfer out your Webflow site to another account.

  • On your dashboard, go to settings of the site you want to transfer
  • There at the top you can find Transfer button
  • Now you can enter email address of another user or if you are on a team you can transfer their

By the way, with team account you can work in more collaborative way. Please check if that works for you.

And please check more details about transferring your Webflow site here.

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