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Exporting Code for Piece-Work (Custom Sections in another Platform)


Im doing custom piece-work for a few clients using a Real Estate Web/IDX Platform. This platform allows you to embed custom code into there wysiwyg as well as into the Head, Body, and Footer. My clients are wanting custom sections embedded into their existing templates.

Where Im Getting Confused

After I export my code, open the index.html file in my browser, and view page source, I can see that the CSS and JS links in the Head are pointing to their respective sources. I know that I can change the src for my CSS file paths to my AWS S3 Console but do I need to use the JS files as well? If Im using Interactions in my exported code, does that require the exported JS file?

Here’s my share-link:

Thanks for any feedback :slight_smile:

@David_Sheltren great question!

Yes Webflow interactions require you to reference the js file that is exported.

So you will need to upload the JS files to your external server and reference them in your externally integrated website.

Thanks Waldo! Does it matter where I included this script src? Head, Body, Footer?

Hey @Waldo

I have staged my exported code and am referencing the JS file but still no interactions…

There is supposed to be a hover interaction as you hover over each card. I have built out a Link Block overlay with a nested Div for a button. The Card Wrapper is position: relative and the nested overlay is postion: absolute

Here’s the link to Live site where the Webflow code is (it’s the section with the 3 cards seen below)

Any help or insight into why this isn’t working would be amazing and greatly appreciated!

Hey David, I am curious if you have some updated links on how you implemented this. I also have a client using Kvcore and need to integrate in webflow but running into some road blocks.