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Exporting CMS Library externally

Hello everyone, I have a client, who needs a CMS library, which is to be updated every week by them. They, however, also want to host their website externally.

I wanted to ask if there is a way for the CMS library to be exported and afterwards updated easily externally to webflow?

Thank you all in advance!

You can do a CSV export but you need to wire up your own backend to handle the CMS functionality. So you will need to code.

Thanks for the quick reply, do you have any idea what exactly I will have to code, I need it so I can properly address the issue with a programmer?

@Kiril_Radovenski - You have to figure out what you are going to use or speak to a developer that will make the choice for you. You might want to take a look at Udesly | Use Webflow with WordPress and Shopify | Webflow Resources