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Exporting: and Hosting externally

I am hosting my site ( externally and am having trouble with the setup. I uploaded all of my folders and files in the html folder of my website on the server (I’m using Media Temple). The site should look like this: However, it does not. Can someone please chime in and let me know what I might be doing incorrectly please. Thank you!

Hi @Alexander_D_Raspberr I was taking a look at your externally hosted site and noticed that your CSS files and JS files are not linked to the correct location: <- Is the css file nortlife-co.webflow.css in a different folder on your server such as in your html/ folder or another folder?

Your css and js links are pointing to blank pages.

Be sure to update all of your css and js file links appropriately for the file reference to be correct. :slight_smile: