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Exported Tabs are stacking/ Scrolling Nav overlap

Good evening all,

So my first issue is that after exporting the code to my own server, my second page has a tab feature that is suppose to be side by side, but instead is stacked vertically. I am not sure how this is possible, since I have my tabs set on 50%. I had a few other similar issues. It is as though my own hosted site is a few pixels shorter or something.

My second issue is with the scrolling nav. I placed the navbar widget inside a section in order to give it a class of “header,” but it is still overlapping the section. It’s acceptable now with some padding I applied, but what can I do to fix this for future sites? Below is my shared site, as well as my personally hosted one.

Thank you for taking the time to assist me. Also If you have any helpful critiques, I would love to hear it.

My hosted site:

Any assistance would be appreciated.

The first issue I believe I fixed on my own, as help around here seems scarce. Webflow was displaying it differently than the index file. I had them my tabs inline block 50% but changed to block float left and it seems to be fixed.

Hi @sstraub, I do not fully understand your second problem. I don’t see the “header” section (anymore?).

Hi @Diu , my Fixed Nav class has a tag of “header.” I was hoping to click a link from my scrolling nav and have it take me exactly to that section. Currently it perfectly covers the section titles.

Ah, now i get what you mean. It covers your section headers.

That’s really simply fixed. Change your top padding of the section from the current 30px to 60 px, as such:

You might consider changing the bottom padding to 30px or 60px to even things out.

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Ah ok. I already added padding because it was even worse before, but I didn’t want things more spaced out. I was hoping for another solution but looks like oadding it is. Thanks for taking a look. Also, nice awesomeoo template.

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