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Exported site looks different on larger screen

My exported site looks way different on my larger desktop screen. Is there a way to fix it? On a regular laptop screen the page looks fine. But on the Hi def screen the resolution does not match the webflow site. My export site is

thanks Jeremy, forgot to put the weblow link in there. On the larger screen the font becomes way too small to read

@cyberdave @PixelGeek @thesergie ??? I am trying to figure out this discrepancy with my own sites so when i design other peoples the sites will look good on all screen sizes. If they choose not to host them on webflow. The first screenshot is from the page and the second one is from my exported site. They both are on from the same desktop pc. The site looks great on my laptop and tablet. Any thoughts or fixes would be much appreciated. I have been exploring webflow now for a few weeks and am really impressed. So much I signed up for a personal plan for a month to explore further and test the export function.


The issue may be that you have the Hero section set to 1000px. Try 100vh… you have to type into the Height field just like that though. There’s a couple of threads on the forum that explain how… That’s how I learned about vh and other methods/options.

Here’s one: [Tutorial] How to make hero section always fill browser window

Thanks @thegrafiqlyfe I will try this and see if it makes a difference. It is not just the view height I don’t think, though. It seems to be something in the export. Not translating for larger screens. Because the site hosted on webflow looks great. But the exported version looks different. With all of the elements considerably smaller. It makes my latest news box almost unreadable in micro print.

@thegrafiqlyfe thanks for that tip. Will definitely use %'s and VH in future projects. The problem I found was actually chrome based. I’m not gonna obsess over it but I used another browser and it looked fine. Steep learning curve here but figuring out some of the bumps with helpful people such as yourself.

No problem, I learned a lot just by reading thru the forum. So all the active folks here are to thank for that. Hope it works out.

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