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Exported Site link navigating to /name#anchor instead of /name.html#anchor


Just exported one of sites and uploaded via ftp to my web server.

I noticed upon checking for invalid links that my site has a broken link.

If you visit this page;

and click into any of the properties listed to go to that specific property page, then just below the slider their is a link called ‘Back to all properties for sale.’
Click this link and it brings up a 404 error.

For some reason the link is showing up as /home instead of /home.html
A bug on Webflow’s side?

I have hard-refreshed on my side, and exported for a second time, still the same issue.
note: this issue does not happen on the published webflow domain.


Hi @Amreet_Gill, thanks for the report. Could you share the site read-only link:

I am happy to take a look :smile:


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